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Marissa Wedenig: Peace of mind on display

04.03.2013 to 31.03.2013

Marissa Wedenig: Peace of mind on display

Marissa Wedenig: Peace of mind on display Marissa Wedenig: Peace of mind on display

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Marissa Wedenig: Peace of mind on display

05.03. til 31.03., daily 10-22h
Opening: Mo 04.03., 19h, Raum D / quartier21
Location: ASIFAKEIL, Electric Avenue
Free admission

"Peace of mind on display - Can you afford it? You can acquire it if you want or you can just keep on looking at it from afar like you have been doing it for so long. Just continue to get stressed over things, keep on idealizing the place where the grass is green, where everyone is happy and which you will reach some day but not now because you are too busy for that at the moment.

We always look at peace as something unachievable or rather we have put it on a shelf in our mind (on display) and keep on telling ourselves "yeah, later when I have time ..."
Therefore I have created this closed video installation behind windows where the viewer can see my version of a peace of mind... but cannot access it just like most of the people cannot access their own peace of mind. The location of the installation is also of importance since it is placed in a passage were most of the people have no time to take a proper look at it and will only glimpse it in the corner of their eyes ... which coincides with the fact that we don't have time for a peace of mind. We sometimes remember it/ glimpse it but in the next moment we have already forgotten about it again.

TransFolding is an experimental music video where Transforming stands for the indefinite movement between beginning and ending and folding for the changes it assumes." (Marissa Wedenig)

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