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Cie. Nacera-Belaza (DZ/F)

08.03.2013 to 09.03.2013

Cie. Nacera-Belaza (DZ/F)


Cie. Nacera-Belaza (DZ/F) Cie. Nacera-Belaza (DZ/F)

Cie. Nacera-Belaza (DZ/F)
Le Trait. Pi├Ęce en trois temps

Date: Fri, Mar 8 and Sat, Mar 9, 20:30
Location: TQW / Halle G

The Algerian-French choreographer Nacera Belaza is famous for her creative power and her uncompromising attitude. For the triptych Le Trait she works together with her sister and with two younger dancers. In both solos and in one duet - three choreographic gestures, three deeply sensual experiences - she explores the relations between particular forms of traditional dance of her homeland Algeria, holy rituals and her own choreographic handwriting that impresses through its intensity, inwardness and precise detail. Through fine nuances, in their striving for autonomy the bodies move through a play of light and shade, of trance and apparent motionlessness. Nacera Belaza's dance is here always a dance of attention: contradictory and grippingly, she takes us on her search for "a space in which time no longer plays a role, a place in which we can touch the infinite and finally share something". 

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