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Peter Hertz-Ohmes (USA/GER) / Fawzi Boubia (MAR)

24.11.2012 to 24.11.2012

Peter Hertz-Ohmes (USA/GER) / Fawzi Boubia (MAR)


Peter Hertz-Ohmes (USA/D) / Fawzi Boubia (MAR) Peter Hertz-Ohmes (USA/D) / Fawzi Boubia (MAR)


sat, 24.11.2012

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Peter Hertz-Ohmes (USA/GER) / Fawzi Boubia (MAR)
Deleuzian Empiricism and the Potential of Chaotic Choreographies / Es körpert ! Es outet ! Es scheint ! Herausforderungen an die Seele, die Innerlichkeit und das Sein#

Sat, Nov 24, 17:00
Location: TQW / Halle G
Free admission


Peter Hertz-Ohmes (USA/GER)
Deleuzian Empiricism and the Potential of Chaotic Choreographies


Let us reread Deleuze and Guattari\'s enigmatic Anti-Oedipus as an affirmative introduction to post-structuralist dance theory, that is, as the philosophical development of chaotic logic out of syntheses of sensation. Conscious determination and predictability of motion and emotion, imposed by authorities like the Oedipus complex that force inflexible (neurotic) ego structures and mind sets or ban mutational (psychotic) impulses and »schizzes,« are thrown off track and out of lock-step by preconscious (virtual) attractors. Dance is exemplary when actualized performatively as activities of desiring machines or bodies-without-organs: intensities, becomings, and transitions that undermine the (Kierkegaardian/ Nietzschean) »sickness unto death.«


Peter Hertz-Ohmes, PhD Stanford, is professor emeritus of German and Humanities at the State University of New York\'s Oswego campus.




Fawzi Boubia (MAR)
Es körpert ! Es outet ! Es scheint ! Herausforderungen an die Seele, die Innerlichkeit und das Sein


According to the current Islamic cliché, the West has sold itself to shamelessness and decadence. Wherever one looks one finds sex, violence, alcohol, drugs, nakedness and debauchery. Sheer materialism befuddles heads and hearts - it bodies everywhere. In the Islamic world, which jealously hides everything, its women, its houses, even its places of worship, this Western staged exhibition appears as a revaluation of all Islamic values. In the lecture, the Islamic categories of \"body\" and \"soul\" will be discussed and critically scrutinised with regard to the modern age. A concept of physicality is presented, in which the soul and the being open up and blossom when they \"body\" wildly, \"unaccustomedly out themselves\" and appear multi-coloured.


Fawzi Boubia is a professor of German literature and cultural history at the universities of Caen (France) and Rabat (Morocco) and also works as a writer, dramatic poet and translator.


Duration: 3 hours


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