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Saisonauftakt: Cis Bierinckx (BE) & Tanzquartier Wien

29.09.2012 to 29.09.2012

Saisonauftakt: Cis Bierinckx (BE) & Tanzquartier Wien


Saisonauftakt: Cis Bierinckx (BE) & Tanzquartier Wien Saisonauftakt: Cis Bierinckx (BE) & Tanzquartier Wien

Cis Bierinckx (BE) & Tanzquartier Wien
It is not (a) fair

Sat, Sep 29, 20:30
Party: from 22:00
Venue: TQW / Hall G

A group of artists will occupy the Tanzquartier Wien stage with movement, image and text in order to give thought and form on expressions of resistance. The new world order, the economical crisis, the growth of populism and extremism, the media manipulation, homophobia and racial expulsion, hearths of war, the politicizing and marketization of the arts are an unsettling reality. How can art and artist contribute to awareness and how to provide alternatives to it? These questions will continue to return throughout the Tanzquartier Wien season 2012/13. IT IS NOT (A) FAIR will be an ideal prologue to it bringing an international group of artists and theatre director Cis Bierinckx together raising question of urgency and tackling rusted systems in order to analyze contemporary society and to suggest possibilities. Tanzquartier Wien during this opening will be an agora, a public space inviting audience and artists for common moments of performance, reflection and exchange.

With performances and films by:
Jem Cohen(USA), OWS Newsreel # 1-5 (film, 27\')
Davis Freeman(USA), New Work
TaoufiQ Izzediou(MAR), New Work
Eisa Jocson(BE), Death of the Pole Dancer (performance)
Tsai Ming Liang(TW), Walker (film, 27\')
Sanja Mitrovic (RS), 10 Stories About Resistance - Part I (skype performance)
Rabih Mroué(LB), Shooting Images (film, 9\')
Tracey Rose(ZA), New Work (video)
Yosi Wanunu / Toxic Dreams(A), the politics of fear (a speech)
Paul Wenninger(A), New Work

Following the performance, Tanzquartier Wien invites its visitors to the Season-Opening-Party in TQW / Studios:
A set by Tomate von Monte (wolvrecords)
Presentation of \"Who Wants Tuki?\"
Dance Support and Screens by Victoria de Milq
Support by Dj homme noir (Bretterbodendisko)
On screen_ Culo Team: Vero / Indi / Nancy
Technical Collaboration and Mix Video: Laia Fabre & Anna Spanlang
ab 22h, TQW / Studios
Eintritt frei
>> Trailer \"Who Wants Tuki?\"

Cie. Willi Dorner (A)
Date: Sat, Sep 29 and Sun, Sep 30, 17:30
Location: Europaplatz/Langauergasse (Westbahnhof)
Free admission
Austrian premiere

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