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ImPulsTanz 2012: Ultima Vez / Wim Vandekeybus (BE)

06.08.2012 to 08.08.2012

ImPulsTanz 2012: Ultima Vez / Wim Vandekeybus (BE)


ImPulsTanz 2012: Ultima Vez / Wim Vandekeybus (BE) ImPulsTanz 2012: Ultima Vez / Wim Vandekeybus (BE)

Ultima Vez / Wim Vandekeybus (BE)
\"booty Looting\"

Date: Mon, Aug 6 and Tue, Aug 7, 21:00; Wed, Aug 8, 23:00
Venue: Hall G
Duration: approx. 110 min.

For their new production, choreographer Wim Vandekeybus and his company Ultima Vez have worked on life in the sea of images and about the memory that creates or destroys this flood of visual material. The title, \"booty Looting\", points to what the audience can expect from this piece. \"Photos create or distort memories\", Vandekeybus says. This is why rock photographer Danny Willems joins the group of performers.

The French author Marcel Proust once pointed out that the dominant visual memory destroys individual memories. Because our memory is permanently altered through new experiences. And so a photograph allows us to remember things we have never experienced. Incidentally, it\'s exactly the same with music - played live by Elko Blijweert in this performance. Vandekeybus: \"Each medium adds or erases something.\" - \"booty Looting\" thus promises to be a piece that the audience will remember for a long time to come.

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