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The young designers of a Viennese fashion college open the Summer of Fashion in the Museumsquartier

15.06.2012 to 15.06.2012

The young designers of a Viennese fashion college open the Summer of Fashion in the Museumsquartier


Modeschau der Abschlussklasse des Modekollegs Herbststra├če Modeschau der Abschlussklasse des Modekollegs Herbststra├če


fri, 15.06.2012

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MQ & fashion college Herbststraße: fashion show of the graduates
in the context of \"MQ Summer of Fashion\"

Date: Fri, Jun 15, 19:30
Venue: MQ main court

At the kick-off-event of MQ Summer of Fashion, the selected Top-Designs by graduates of the fashioncollege for fashion, design and textile will be shown publicly. This way, also a greater audience gets the opportunity to be astonished by the young fashion scene’s creative talent.

About 50 prospective designers have completed their 2-year schooling at \"Schulzentrum Die Herbststraße\". The divergent fashion collections were crafted during the final year and as a part of the final exam. The students did the research, concepts and sketches, as well as the pattern pieces and the final production in many hours of work on their own. The final outfits are shown at the fashionpresentations at the end of March. Approximately 100 of those will be chosen for the Opening-Event in the MQ and can there be seen by a larger group of people.

The displayed pieces are innovative and fantastic – as the very individual sources of inspiration hypothesize. They range from Arab Spring to architectural constructions and spiritual self-discovery. In addition the outfit’s sizes could be chosen by the designers themselves. Also in this perspective the fashion students show a great amount of variability and flexibility.

Fashion is always – not only for customers, but also for designers – combined with visions. The vision of those new talents is it, to see their fashion lines on international runways. On their way there they stop at the Museumsquarter in Vienna.

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