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Alix Eynaudi (F/BE): Monique

22.06.2012 to 23.06.2012

Alix Eynaudi (F/BE): Monique


Alix Eynaudi (F/BE): Monique Alix Eynaudi (F/BE): Monique

Alix Eynaudi (F/BE): Monique

Date: Fri, Jun 22 and Sat, Jun 23, 20:30
Venue: TQW / Studios

For Monique, Alix Eynaudi finds her inspiration in bondage. She turns its practice into choreographical instructions that she applies to the dance but also to the light, music and costumes. The dancers are pushed around, pulled free, Mark drags and pulls, Alix carries and pushes. Monique is a dance full of touches, manipulations and contacts, full of caring, attention, observation and responsibilities.


Keep it tight. Bring the short end up vertically. Insert it through the front loop you just created, running along the top of the main line and pull to tighten.


A costume passes the stage, dancing. Oh, how they love their clothes! With infinite care, choreographers and dancers Alix Eynaudi and Mark Lorimer trace the mechanics of the other\'s body. They work hard in a sophisticated manner. They dance at the end of folds and nods in a long process of delicious ordeals. Estranged therapeutic caresses.


I want to be slid by you (just you, and nobody else but you).


Feels like playing a piano with its hammers covered in leather. Mark sighs, and Alix hides him away.


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