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Paul Wenninger (A) / Michikazu Matsune (J/A)

20.04.2012 to 21.04.2012

Paul Wenninger (A) / Michikazu Matsune (J/A)


Paul Wenninger (A) / Michikazu Matsune (J/A) Paul Wenninger (A) / Michikazu Matsune (J/A)

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Paul Wenninger (A) / Michikazu Matsune (J/A)

Date: Fri, Apr 20 and Sat, Apr 21, 18:00, 19:30, 21:00
Venue: TQW/ Halle G
Tickets: Regular price € 18

It is fragments of a fictive place, of different surroundings, that Michikazu Matsune and Paul Wenninger collect in their performative installation VILLAREAL. When the two artists take objects out of their everyday surroundings and context and re-arrange them, at the same time they are revealing the primal situations and narratives and the individual and collective negotiation of ownership relations, of public and private, of hierarchies and forms of behaviour that we connect with them.

A dramaturgy of potentials develops that produces ever new perspectives and spaces between what we remember, what we are used to and what we imagine. Things that, in this act of re-positioning, seek to mobilise the perception and action of the audience by calling into question what has apparently been established, experienced and attributed - in the play of fiction and reality as much as in regard to a societal and social (re-)appropriation.

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