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Doris Stelzer (A): Let\'s dream

03.02.2012 to 04.02.2012

Doris Stelzer (A): Let\'s dream


Doris Stelzer (A): lasst uns träumen Doris Stelzer (A): lasst uns träumen

Doris Stelzer (A): Let\'s dream


Date: Fri, Feb 3 & Sat Feb 4, 20:30
Venue: TQW / Studios
Artist´s Talk with Doris Stelzer and Fritz Ostermayr: Sat, Feb 4, following the performance


Yearning for tradition and songs that represent a musical piece of home and shape our identity - what clichés do we associate with Schlagermusik (Austrian/German pop \"folk\" music)? What values are negotiated there and what have these got to do with us? How does this empty sign manage to be so enchanting that the audience is prepared to fill it with their own content?


Doris Stelzer\'s new work lasst uns träumen (Let\'s Dream) came out of the exploration, or better the confrontation with Schlager and establishes itself between traditional folk music and the star cult of the Schlager. Using deconstruction and reappropriation, it is not a question of a satire but of a choreographic illustration of the patterns that underlie the commercial mass phenomenon of the Schlager, of the strategies of the staging of empathy and the associated fan cult: who is swaying from side to side and why? And is it really \"a little bit of a perfect world?\"

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