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SCORES No4: under protest

07.12.2011 to 11.12.2011

SCORES No4: under protest


SCORES N°4: Unter Protest SCORES N°4: Unter Protest

SCORES N°4: under protest
Artistic-theoretical parcours on response and responsibility in dance and performance

Date: Dec 7 to 12
Venue: Tanzquartier Wien, Top Kino

Maybe the revolution has no head, but it certainly has a lot of bodies, writes Alexandra Lucas Coelho in connection with the events in Cairo in spring 2011. Echoing the current situation in the Arab world, but also in connection with other socio-political and religious movements of resistance, of negotiation and revolt, SCORES N°4: under protest deals with the body\'s capacity for action. What moves us to act, to intervene, to do? And what role is accorded to movement and the physical as well as the medialised body in these processes?


This not only addresses the relationship between reaction and action, between intentionality and affect, but choreography becomes clear in many respects as the thinking and practice of intervention and participation - as a means to penetrate society and life. Here the body is not only the representative of identity, cultural, social and political inscriptions and assignations, of inclusion and exclusion, of experiences and life times that meet one another. If we choose a standpoint in the act of choreographing - individually or together - and mark this in its positioning in relation to the Other, if we burst territories and affirm and seek to understand the conditions and premises of our own positioning, to make them visible and tangible, it is not only our bodies that begin to move. Rather, with the relationship of fundament and form in the process of embodiment, established concepts, stereotypes and symbolisms of foreignness, ethnicity, religion and nation begin to shake.


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