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Laurent Chétouane (F/D) Hommage an das Zaudern

10.12.2011 to 11.12.2011

Laurent Chétouane (F/D) Hommage an das Zaudern


Laurent Chétouane (F/D) Hommage an das Zaudern Laurent Chétouane (F/D) Hommage an das Zaudern

Laurent Chétouane (F/D) Hommage an das Zaudern

Date: Sat, Dec 10 and Sun, Dec 11
Venue: TQW / Hall G

Hesitation leads a precarious existence. It is hardly en vogue in an era of total economisation, where there seems to be no time and space left for thought processes dedicated to the complexity and multiplicity of a situation. Instead, a simplification takes place which perhaps yields ‘profitable’ results but at the same time also destroys the possibilities and plurality of directions.
Hesitation could be a critical position which radically disrupts this way of thinking. In his new dance piece Laurent Chétouane choreographs hesitation not as indecision or indolence, but rather as an opening up of movement towards multiplicity. He thus also questions his own economy of dance, showing what else dance could be: two dancers and a pianist create a \"hestitation space\" which subverts the logic of actions by entering the gaps between decisions in order to perceive new, forgotten, disregarded things there, and let them simultaneously exist as options in juxtaposition. In an ethics of plurality.

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