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Alain Franco (BE): Long live freedom - isn\'t it?

01.12.2011 to 01.12.2011

Alain Franco (BE): Long live freedom - isn\'t it?


Alain Franco (BE): Long live freedom - isn\'t it?
Lecture Concert

Date: Thu, Dec 1, 20:30
Venue: tanzquartier wien / Halle G


Human societies, we regularly can ascertain, are in no way stable, but are influenced by situations, conditions, and even meteorological events. Thus, the question of freedom - one\'s own as well as that of the Other - comes up again and again.
Being free in composing was Ludwig van Beethoven\'s decisive step towards the subjectification of musical writing, and since has led to discussions which attribute a kind of paradox to composing: Faithfulness and attachment to the zeitgeist are opposed by the realisation that dislocation and escape from it are needed so that new ideas can be born.
Since the 19th century, questions concerning the freedom of composing, the relation of form and content have recurrently come up, peaking in the famous argument between Pierre Boulez and John Cage (1949-1954) about the essence of chance and indetermination, about ‘visualisation\' and ‘image appearance\'.


The Lecture Concert by the pianist, composer and conductor Alain Franco, who also is known for his collaborations with choreographers like Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, deufert&plischke and Etienne Guilloteau, is an attempt to immerse ourselves once again into this cultural and artistic problem.

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