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Britta Wirthmüller (D) / Petra Zanki (HR): VIERFÜSSER

04.11.2011 to 05.11.2011

Britta Wirthmüller (D) / Petra Zanki (HR): VIERFÜSSER


Britta Wirthmüller (D) / Petra Zanki (HR): VIERFÜSSER Britta Wirthmüller (D) / Petra Zanki (HR): VIERFÜSSER

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Britta Wirthmüller (D): Kissing Elisabeth
Britta Wirthmüller (D) / Petra Zanki (HR): VIERFÜSSER

Fri, Nov 4 and Sat, Nov 5, 20:30
TQW / Studios

Britta Wirthmüller (D): Kissing Elisabeth


How do bodies appear? And who or what makes them disappear again? Kissing Elisabeth follows the question of how our society produces bodies and how the relationship of those who do not participate and those who do is constantly being reformulated. In her solo, Britta Wirthmüller shows a body that, despite its complete physical presence, makes space for the unimaginable, the unutterable and the unportrayable, that takes us to the boundaries of what we can conceive.


Concept, Performance: Britta Wirthmüller


Britta Wirthmüller (D) / Petra Zanki (HR): VIERFÜSSER
Austrian Première


We associate the upright gait with the human body. When the body axis turns 90 degrees and the head takes its place on the horizontal together with the trunk and the posterior, then another body emerges: that of the animal, the crawling child, the beggar ...
In their joint work the two choreographers Petra Zanki and Britta Wirthmüller start from human physicality itself and go as in Vierfüsser (Quadrupeds) on their hands and knees. In their dense and precisely composed duet, they not only touch on the current images, patterns of perception, and movements associated with the body and its locomotion possibilities, but also open up their choreographic research to the formal aspects of the body as an \"object\", to animalistic designs of the \"human as a stage animal\".

Concept, Choreography, Text, Performance: Petra Zanki & Britta Wirthmüller


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