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frame[o]ut - digital summer screenings

08.07.2011 to 27.08.2011

frame[o]ut - digital summer screenings


frame[o]ut - digital summer screenings frame[o]ut - digital summer screenings

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sat, 27.08.2011
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fri, 26.08.2011
thu, 25.08.2011
wed, 24.08.2011

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frame[o]ut - digital summer screenings


Duration: Jul 8 to Aug 27, every Fri and Sat from 21:30
Opening: Fri, Jul 8
MQ Courtyard 8 (at the boules court)
Free admission!


In sixteen screenings, frame[o]ut is showing a selection of European documentary films reflecting the views of the continent\'s young generation. The festival will also present new approaches to film from genres like crowd-sourced movies, fan movies, machinima, game movies, innovative animation, music videos, and short films as some of the most exciting examples of present-day perspectives and narration. Once again, frame[o]ut has invited international guests from the filmmaking community and for the first time is offering Q&As and discussions before the screenings. As always, the focus of the digital summer screenings is on the presentation of innovative works characterized by unusual style and convincing content, bringing a whole new meaning to the open air format. All projections are digital, with sound over wireless headsets.

Program frame[o]ut - digital summer screenings

Preceding the opening, a concert with the Lithuanian band AVaspo will take place in the Ovalhalle starting at 19:00. The concert is kindly supported by the Ministry for Culture of Lithuania and the Embassy of Lithuania in Vienna.

A coproduction of MuseumsQuartier Wien and quartier21, with the support of Wien Kultur

Official twitter hash tag for this event: #MQkino


Fri, Jul 8 Opening: \"V I N Y L (tales from the Vienna underground)\"

Sat, Jul 9 Anton Corbijn retrospective
21:30 Music videos
21:45 DON VAN VLIET: SOME YO YO STUFF (short documentation, 1993, 13min, OoU)
22h LINEAR (narrative music video, 2009, 58min.)

Fri, Jul 15
21:30h EsRap - AUSLÄNDER MIT VERGNÜGEN (Music video, Austria 2011, 3min)
21:35 crossing_europe@frameout: NEUKÖLLN UNLIMITED (documentary, Germany 2010, 96min, by: Agostino Imondi und Dietmar Ratsch)

Sat, Jul 16
21:00 discussion with the audience and Jogi Neufeld, operator of the  „subotron\"-Shop at quartier21/MQ
21:30 THE KING OF KONG: A FISTFULL OF QUARTERS (documentary, USA 2007, 79min, R: Seth Gordon, OoU (English))
22:30 pictoplasma #1 (internat. short film program, 70min)

Fri, Jul 22
21:30 UNFINISHED ITALY (short documentaton, Italy 2010, 33min, R: Benoit Felici, OmeU)
22:00 crossing_europe@frameout: ANTON, IN THE SHADOWS, documentary, F/Poland, 2010, 52min, R: Julia Kowalski, OmeU)

Sat, Jul 23
21:00 Discussion with the audience and Anne Sophie Christensen, project management of the ursula blickle videoarchiv
21:30 URSULA BLICKLE VIDEOARCHIV | FLEISCHBESCHAU (short film program, 25min)
22:00 FINISTERRAE (motion picture, Spain 2010, 80min, R: Sergio Caballero, OmeU)

Fri, Jul 27
21:30 MY MARLBORO CITY (short documentation, Italy 2010, 50min, R: Valentina Pedicini, OmeU)
22:15 REINDEERSPOTTING - ESCAPE FROM SANTALAND (documentary, Finland 2010, 84min, R: Joonas Neuvonen, OmeU - ab 18)

Sat, Jul 30 Anton Corbijn retrospective
21:30 Music videos
21:45 CONTROL (motion picture, GB 2007, 122min, R: Anton Corbijn, OmdU)

Fri, Aug 5
21:00 Discussion with the audience and Bruno Moll, director
21:30 EIN GLÄNZENDER TRAUM (short documentation, Italy 2010, 27min, R: Brett Orloff, OmeU)
22:00 crossing_europe@frameout: PIZZA BETHLEHEM (documentary, Switzerland 2010, 85min, R: Bruno Moll, OmdU)

Sat, Aug 6
21:30 TRICKY_WOMEN@frameout (short film program, 20min)
21:50 THE GREEN WAVE (documentary, Germany 2010, 80min, R: Ali Samadi Ahadi, OmdU)

Fri, Aug 12 
21:00 Discussion with the audience and Karl-Heinz Klopf, artist and film maker & Rui Simoes, director and writer
21:30 crossing_europe@frameout: THEY (short documentation, Austria/GB, 2010, 35min, R: Karl-Heinz Klopf, OmdU)
22:00 A ILHA DA COVA DA MOURA (Portugal 2010, 95min, R: Rui Simoes)

Sat, Aug 13
21:30 ZU ENG (short motion picture, Austria 2010, 18min, R: Clemens Roth)
21:40 onedotzero - nightfall (internat. short film program 2010, 92min, OoU - for 18 and up)

Fri, Aug 19 
21:30 PARADE (short documentation, Ukraine 2010, 11min, R: Daria Driuchenko, OmeU
21:40 crossing_europe@frameout: CZECH PEACE (documentary, Czech Republic 2010, 104min, R: Vit Klusak und Filip Remunda, OmeU)

Sat, Aug 20 
21:00 Discussion with the audience and Kris Staber, Character Animator
21:45 pictoplasma #2 (internat. short film program 2011, 70min)

Fri, Aug 26
21:00 Discussion with the audience and Thomas Lehner, Regisseur
21:30 MAKING OF CHINESE SUBTITLES (short documentation 2011, 10min, R: Thomas Lehner)
21:40 crossing_europe@frameout: LOS REFRIGADORES - HEISSE NÄCHTE, KÜHLE SCHRÄNKE (documentary, Austria/Cuba 2010, 94min, R: Thomas Lehner)

Sat, Aug 27 Anton Corbijn retrospective
21:00 music videaos
21:15 THE AMERICAN (motion picture, USA 2010, 105min, R: Anton Corbijn, OmdU)

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