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Deep Cuts & Auditory Matters

09.07.2011 to 09.07.2011

Deep Cuts & Auditory Matters

Deep Cuts & Auditory Matters


sat, 09.07.2011
21.00 h - 22.00 h

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Deep Cuts & Auditory Matters
with Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen (NED), Dennis Tyfus (BEL), Peter Fengler (NED)


Date: Jul 9, 21:00
Venue: Raum D / quartier21, Electric Avenue
Free admission!


An evening of performances by three influential Dutch artists who are deeply interested in sound and the production of new vinyl in cfreative visual packaging. Together they help determine the course and climate of today\'s experimental music and performance scene. While Van Den Dobbelsteen works mostly solo, Tyfus and Fengler not only produce their own solo work but also that of other artists for, respectively, their ULTRA ECZEMA and DE PLAYER record labels. They each have their own very strong, independent views and investigative dispositions when it comes to contemporary issues, which results in works displaying a high degree of obstinacy. This showcase will feature some of their recent productions and related matters plus a live set.


Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen is an interdisciplinary artist who has been working with sound installations for over 25 years now and has, curated programs and exhibitions, lectured and performed internationally. For this evening, he will give a lecture on Arnold Schoenberg, Vienna vs. Paramaribo and the development of the 12-tone composition technique.


Dennis Tyfus is fascinated by visual poetry and produces magazines, drawings, and vocalizations. His publishing concern also includes the ULTRA ECZEMA record label. His own performances under the pseudonym Vom Grill usually include a variety of animal noises, throat and gargling noises and the sounds produced by vibrating his lower lip.


Peter Fengler utilizes a unique polymorphous construction for his performance \"BAROQUE, NON-BAROQUE: A Story of Proportionism\", in which indicators in the form of \"suggestions\" play the leading role. The work invariably reverberates somewhere between intellectual pursuits and nonsense and is both a commentary on contemporary political issues as well as a reflection on the medium and the scene itself. Fengler is also the co-founder and key figure of DE PLAYER, a venue dedicated to the performative arts, experimental music and visual arts.


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