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Hubert Lepka / Lawine Torrèn: Sofamachine

25.05.2011 to 25.05.2011

Hubert Lepka / Lawine Torrèn: Sofamachine


Hubert Lepka / Lawine Torrèn: Sofamaschine Hubert Lepka / Lawine Torrèn: Sofamaschine


wed, 25.05.2011

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Hubert Lepka / Lawine Torrèn: Sofamaschine

Date: Wed, May 25, approx. 20:30
Venue: MQ Haupthof
free admission and in any weather

The Enzos move in as performative architecture. A choreography of stackers and dancers. lawine torrèn works as an open network of dancers, actors, multimedia artists, and technicians on large-scale performances and productions in real spaces. These settings become playing fields for a choreography that integrates humans and machines in equal measure in a narrative structure involving film and theater. Hubert Lepka\'s Sofa Machine is dedicated to the Tanzquartier Wien venue in the MuseumsQuartier in its architectural and social dimension. The outdoor project, commissioned by the Tanzquartier Wien, links historic events with the present-day use of the complex and incorporates the Kaiserforum, imperial stables, urban living rooms, and courtyard furniture in a contemporary exploration of architecture, dance, and performance. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary, and inspired by the equestrian ballet that Emperor Leopold 1667 personally performed at his wedding in honor of his bride, Spanish Infanta Margarita, this production includes dancers, traditional bands, forklifts, the Enzo and Enzi courtyard furniture, and a crane.

The 60\'s soul and easy listening enthusiast Stootsie (mel) will bring us some cosy and breezy sounds from 18:00 in the MQ Main Courtyard.


Dancers and Performers: Miriam Klebel, Marion Hackl, Magdalena Chowaniec and dancers of the dancecompany
Narrator: Barbara Gassner
Joey Wimplinger
Historical Adviser:
Alessandra Arseni
Mel, Stootsie


A Production by Tanzquartier Wien and lawine torrèn co-produced with MuseumsQuartier Wien on the occasion of the 10th anniversary. In Cooperation with the Konservatorium Wien University
Production Partner: Jungheinrich

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