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SCORES No3: uneasy going

04.04.2011 to 09.04.2011

SCORES No3: uneasy going


SCORES No3: uneasy going SCORES No3: uneasy going

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SCORES No3: uneasy going
Artistic-theoretical parcours on response and responsibility in dance and performance.

Date: Apr 04 to 09
Venue: TQW / Studios and TQW / Halle G

Contemporary dance and performance art frequently takes place on the margins of the economies of utility, exploitability and classifiability. As a cultural practice, it not only reproduces existing agency and thought and their immanent structures and strategies of deciding, of sharing and transmission, but makes visible precisely these arrangements and obligations to the Other. By discussing, exhibiting or shifting these relationships into new contexts, or critically reworking them and making them discursive, artists bring our individual and collective arrangements into play and turn a directive concept of responsibility into a dialogic, a dynamic and shared space of response. In this way they assume the Other, the alien not as something different confronting us, but take advantage of the resonances of this unknown - which has always been within ourselves - for their artistic work.

The artists and theoreticians who have been invited in the framework of SCORES No3: uneasy going encounter this disquietude, which formulates itself in the moment of encounter, in the most varied ways. Their subjects range from questions of interculturality and migration, from our approach to our own as well as the history of others, to discussions of the body of the sort that are, among others, being conducted in medicine and neuroscience, but also in ethical research. If in their artistic as well as discursive work they also raise the question of how designed and real spaces, roles and ideas can be distributed and developed, this does not just concern the specific relationship between the actors on stage and the audience. Far more, they draw up (counter-) models to existing economic and social distribution processes, to the prevailing drafts of society and call on us to jointly work on taking responsibility that is not restricted to the question of signature and authorship.

In various formats - performances, dialogues, research sketches, work-in-progress presentations, lectures, training and a workshop - the inscribing gesture of the choreographic in reference to a body that in our communications society has long been held to be dumb becomes discursively and sensually tangible as a challenge and area of experimentation.



Mon, Apr 04 and Tue, Apr 05

Training: self practice

Date: Mon, Apr 04 and Tue, Apr 05, 10:45-12:30
Venue: TQW/Studio

Joao Fiadero (P)
Workshop: Anatomy of a Decision
Date: Mon, Apr 04, 13:30-20:00
Venue: TQW/Studios



Wed, Apr 06 

Training: self practice
Date: Wed, Apr 06, 10:45-12:30
Venue: TQW/Studios

Joao Fiadero (P)
Anatomy of a Decision, Workshop
Date: Wed, Apr 04, 13:30-17:30
Venue: TQW/Studios


Monika Ginstersdorfer / Knut Klaßen (D)
Lecture performance: The new concept
Date: Wed, Apr 06, 18:00
Venue: TQW/Studios


Ramsay Burt (UK)
Lecture: Reflections on Steve Paxton\'s \'Magnesium\'(1972): a violent responsiveness, a responsiblity without obligation.
Date: Wed, Apr 06, 19:00
Venue: TQW/Studios

Impure Company / Hooman Sharifi (N)
Lingering of an earlier event
Date: Wed, Apr 06, 20:30
Venue: TQW/Halle G


The Fridge (BG)
Performance installation / work space
Opening: Wed, Apr 06, 22:00
Date: Apr 04 to Apr 09
Venue: TQW/Studios


Thu, Apr 07

Training: self practice
Date: Thu, Apr 07, 10:45-12:30
Venue: TQW/Studios


Workshop: Anatomy of a Decision
Public session moderated by Sandra Noeth (D/A) andJoao Fiadero (P)
Date: Thu, Apr 07, 15:00-17:00
Venue: TQW/Studios


Brigitte Wilfing (A)
abwärts beschleunigen - a long song
Thu, Apr 07, 18:00
Venue: TQW/Studios
Discussion with Brigitte Wilfing and the sociologist and dance scholar Gabriele Klein (Universität Hamburg) following the performance.

Evangelia Basdekis (GR)
Performance/Installation: I trust you
Date: Thu, Apr 07, 19:00-23:00
Venue: TQW/Studios


Olga de Soto (B/E)
Lecture performance: An Introduction
Date: Thu, Apr 07, 20:00
Venue: TQW/Studios

Discussion with Olga de Soto, Hooman Sharifi, Monika Gintersdorfer and Knut Klaßen,
moderated by the performer and theoretican Didi Bruckmayr.
Date: Thu, Apr 07, 21:30
Venue: TQW/Studios


Fri, Apr 08 

Training: self practice
Date: Fri, Apr 08, 10:45-12:30

Workshop: Anatomy of a Decision
Public session moderated by Sandra Noeth (D/A) andJoao Fiadero (P)
Date: Fri, Apr 08, 15:00-17:00
Venue: TQW/Studios

Boyan Manchev (BG) & Marcus Steinweg (D)
Two short lectures and a conversation.
Date: Fri, Apr 08, 17:00
Venue: TQW/Studios

Tanja Ostojic (SRB/D) (tbc)
Lecture performance: Naked Life
Date: Fri, Apr 08, 19:00
Venue: TQW/Studios


Latifa Laabissi (F)
Date: Fri, Apr 08, 20:30
Venue: TQW/Halle G


Lola Arias / Ulises Conti (ARG)
Concert & Reading: Notes about melancholy and depression, Portrait of a Mother
Date: Fri, Apr 08, 22:00
Venue: TQW/Studios


Sat, Apr 09

Training: self practice
Date: Sat, Apr 09, 10:45-12:30

Barbara Kraus / Claudia Heu / Michaela Moser / Rita Trattnig (A)
Salon: Sweet Gathering Nr.1
Schiff Ahoi oder drei mal drei ist vier.
Date: Sat, Apr 09, 15:00
Venue: TQW/Studios


Breath Made Visible, Anna Halprin
Date: Sat, Apr 09, 17:00
Venue: TQW/Studios

Tarek Halaby (USA/B)
Performance draft: Performing for the first time
Date: Sat, Apr 09, 19:00
Venue: TQW/Studios

Discussion with Tarek Halaby and Tanja Ostojic, moderated by the choreographer Laurent Chétouane.
Date: Sat, Apr 09, 20:00
Venue: TQW/Studios

Orthographe (I)
Controllo Remoto
Date: Sat, Apr 09, 21:30
Venue: TQW/Halle G

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