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Laurent Chétouane (F/D): horizon(s)

15.04.2011 to 16.04.2011

Laurent Chétouane (F/D): horizon(s)


Laurent Chétouane (F/D): horizon(s) Laurent Chétouane (F/D): horizon(s)

Laurent Chétouane (F/D)


Date: Fri, Apr 15 and Sat, Apr 16, 20:30
Venue: TQW/Halle G
Introduction: Fri, Apr 15 and Sat, Apr 16, 20:30 at the TQW/Studios

With Tanzstück#4, which like Tanzstück#3 has already been shown at the Tanzquartier Wien, the director and choreographer Laurent Chétouane concluded his tetralogy on the subject of presences. In this a form developed moved ever closer towards dance through the analysis of the question of the necessity and meaning of a movement, to its justification and ethics. This concept of an ›ethical‹ movement, developed by him and his performers, now makes it possible to follow up the idea of dancing (again): is it possible to produce the desire for the future, for the unknown in movement and to permit alternative encounters? For his new work Horizon(s), for the first time Laurent Chétouane creates a choreography to an existing musical score, for which Leo Schmidthals, bassist with the band Selig, will be responsible.

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