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Scores#2: What Escapes

01.12.2010 to 04.12.2010

Scores#2: What Escapes


Scores#2: What Escapes Scores#2: What Escapes

Scores#2: What Escapes
K√ľnstlerisch-theoretischer Parcours

Date: Dez 01 to 04
Venue: Tanzquartier / Studios and Hall G

SCORES No2: What escapes addresses what is lodged in the corner of our eyes, in the wrinkles of the body and on the margins of movement and which eludes the first glance. When coincidence, dilletantism and the desire to experiment come into play, improvisation challenges the structures of composition, when gestures or movements overpaint what has already existed and outline what has not yet been achieved, when formats and disciplines flow into one another, then in the opening up, roughened spaces the choreographic develops another potential: more a fictive outline of potentials than a codifying act, it throws our perception and certainties into turmoil and shows itself as a mode of encounter that develops its artistic but also social and communal possibilities beyond plans, projects, controls and archiving - and, precisely in that, it repeatedly creates new worlds.

From the radical idea of rupture and break with old habits, institutions and modes to a more cautious dream of slipping through barriers established to mediate our encounters with art, the idea of escape - breaching, drifting past or otherwise surpassing limits - offers a unique glance on questions of contemporary dance, performance and art. The artists struggle to locate work in a meaningful context (escaping or resisting institutional frames or limits), alongside their attempt to make work that escapes or critiques the strictures and habits of representation and consumption, all point towards the dynamic possibilities of breach.

In different formats - performances, dialogues, research and work-in progress presentations, lectures and a mini-marathon of statements, questions & events - and in different media, What Escapes brings together artists, writers and thinkers whose work approaches these ideas in diverse ways. From artists seeking to work outside the traditional institutional frames and structures to those who seek to slip the bounds of their chosen media, breaking, cracking or expanding their work in art, performance and dance until the forms yield to new possibilities and expressions. What Escapes also points to processes of involuntary expression: to the kinds of signs which escape involuntarily from artists and their work, or to the processes of slippage by which intentions and desires - of artists, institutions and audiences - are made manifest.

(c) Tim Etchells

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