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Moving, Touching, Uprising

10.12.2010 to 10.12.2010

Moving, Touching, Uprising


Beliebigkeit oder die Liebe als Ereignis Beliebigkeit oder die Liebe als Ereignis


fri, 10.12.2010

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Moving, Touching, Uprising
Vortrag Katherina Zakravsky

Date: Dec 10, 6 pm
Venue: Tanzquartier


Only a separate body can touch. A body separated from others. Its moving, its mobility, its outward surface tension, its dance - simultaneously punctual and vibrating - announces encounter: as contact. The contact does not annul the separation, on the contrary. My whole being is contact, my whole being is touched/touching.
The original meaning of the German word stem \"ruhr\" (Rühren, Berühren = moving, touching) was sexual and loving desire. With desire, a body - in the motion/emotion of moving, of touching, this uprising in the socio-political movement - resists its own confinement, its caging in the self.


Lecture in german; Admission free

(c) Tanzquartier

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