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Zoo / Thomas Hauert (CH/BE): You´ve changed

26.11.2010 to 27.11.2010

Zoo / Thomas Hauert (CH/BE): You´ve changed

Zoo / Thomas Hauert (CH/BE): You´ve changed Zoo / Thomas Hauert (CH/BE): You´ve changed

Zoo / Thomas Hauert (CH/BE): You´ve changed
Austrian Première

Date: Nov 26 + 27, 20:0h
Venue: TQW/Halle G
Introductions: Nov 26 + 27, 19:5 h in TQW / Studios
Artist´s Talk: Sat Nov 27, 13:00 h in TQW / Studios

You\'ve changed is a declaration of love to dance as a form, a language and a craft. With virtuoso and challenging dance, Thomas Hauert develops a choreographic writing that emerges out of improvisation principles - in the field of tension between freedom and responsibility, the individual and the group, form and formlessness, product and process. An invitation to an encounter with movement, our ideals and the changes in ourselves.
The matrix of You\'ve changed is a choreography unfolding as an unpredictable but integrated system without a central directing agent. Which means that the dancers are at each moment responsible for inventing their own movement on stage, as well as initiating and developing all group structures. They must adapt their individual roles within a group constellation whose mechanics are constantly changing. As in a chain reaction, this improvised choreography formed the base for the creation of a video, then a music (written by the famous composer Dick van der Harst for a small rock band a three classical singers), then another music, then new improvised movement, then lights, all these proposals finally answering each other on stage. Here, in other words, a self-structuring choreography becomes the structure on which everything else is built : the individual creative decision-making, with its imperfections too, as the foundation stone for a highly complex and polyphonic piece.


(c) Flip Vanzieleghem

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