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Artist-in-Residence Jaro Varga (SVK): Tourist Routes

21.09.2010 to 21.09.2010

Artist-in-Residence Jaro Varga (SVK): Tourist Routes


Artist-in-Residence Jaro Varga (SVK): Tourist Routes Artist-in-Residence Jaro Varga (SVK): Tourist Routes


tue, 21.09.2010
19.00 h - 21.00 h

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Artist-in-Residence Jaro Varga (SVK): Tourist Routes

Di 21.09., 19h
Ort: Raum D / quartier21, Electric Avenue

Der slowakische Artist-in-Residence Jaro Varga präsentiert eine "alternative city map", für die er WienerInnen zu ihren Lieblingsplätzen begleitet hat.

"As a starting point of my art research at quartier21 art residency is an observation of processes of the creative destructions within the city as a simultaneous product of permanent city development. The headline "WHAT DOESN'T WORK, WHAT HAS OUTLIVED ITS USE" from Rem Koolhaas is used as a starting point to follow the theory of Generic City where the permanence is a thing of the past and that cities have now become the medium through which capital is invested and disinvested.

Both concepts of the city - the Generic and Historic City are present in the nowadays City. I consider their balance and the dialog between these two opposites as an interesting moment for my art research in Vienna."

(c) Jaro Varga

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