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ImPulsTanz 2010: On Ice

18.07.2010 to 28.07.2010

ImPulsTanz 2010: On Ice


ImPulsTanz 2010: On Ice ImPulsTanz 2010: On Ice

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On Ice
Maija Hirvanen (FI)
[8:tension] Young Choreographers\' Series\r\n

Date: Sun, Jul 18 21:00 and Wed, Jul 28 22:00
Venue: Halle G


Maija Hirvanen from Finland calls her solo \"a portrait of a contemporary woman in a social democratic society\". With humour, the performer of the work, Anna-Maija Terävä, skates on the glassy surface of the search for identity, between attributions to and/or demands on femininity and humanity, as a cheerleader gone rogue. For Hirvanen, who graduated from the Helsinki University of Arts and Design and the Turku Art Academy as part of her interdisciplinary education, \"On Ice\" works like a comic strip that is made up of episodes and associative images. Following a script of movements the performer goes through 49 actions, 49 movements and a little shouting. The result is a positive yet critical culture of \"shouting and moving\".


„10 000 people are following an ice hockey game of the Finnish National league teams TPS and HIFK. I\'m stepping on the ice with the other cheerleaders, with my very high heels. I clap my hands, Joan Jett\'s version of Shout is played out loud, a smoke machine pushes clouds inside the light spectacle. The air smells of testosteroine, cold beer and pop corn. I\'m running on a feeling of strangeness. I\'m here, now, but placed outside of myself, alone amongst others. I\'m an object to look at. The audience hurrays when the players skate on the ice. I\'m a black cobra. I\'m inside a wrong skin.\"
Maija Hirvanen


Duration: 50 minutes
Single Ticket: € 15,- (red. 12,-) | Evening Ticket: € 25,- (red. 21,-)


© Hirvanen and Zodiak


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