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Living and working in Vienna III

04.03.2010 to 30.05.2010

Living and working in Vienna III


Lebt und arbeitet in Wien III Lebt und arbeitet in Wien III

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sun, 30.05.2010
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sat, 29.05.2010
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thu, 27.05.2010

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Living and working in Vienna III


Stars in a Plastic Bag


Date: Mar 05 to May 30, daily 10:00-19:00
Venue: KUNSTHALLE wien, hall 1
Opening: Thu, Mar 04, 19:00
Xenia Kalpaktsoglou, Co-Direktorin der Athen Biennale
Raphaela Platow, Direktorin des Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati
Angela Stief, Kunsthalle Wien
Olga Sviblova, Direktorin des Multimedia Art Museum, Moskau

Maria Bussmann, Bernhard Cella, Cut and Scrape, Svenja Deininger, Daniel Domig, Thomas Draschan, Christian Egger, Oliver Hangl, Lone Haugaard Madsen, Kathi Hofer, David Jourdan, Tillman Kaiser, Luisa Kasalicky, Manuel Knapp, Markus Krottendorfer, Constantin Luser, Mahony, Stephen Mathewson, Mara Mattuschka, Drago Persic, Katrin Plavcak, Rudolf Polanszky, Lukas Pusch, Alexander Ruthner, Lisa Ruyter, Isa Schmidlehner, Hubert Sielecki, TOMAK, Nadim Vardag, Jannis Varelas, Martin Vesely, Marianne Vlaschits


The KUNSTHALLE wien draws attention to Vienna’s manifold and original art scene with its exhibition series \'Living and working in Vienna\' for a third time. Remapping Vienna’s terrain of art, \'Stars in a Plastic Bag\' assembles outstanding artists with their works, ideas, and performances. It has been possible again to win a renowned team of international female experts, who have come up with a selection eagerly awaited by the art scene. One part of the show will focus on positions of artists like Tillman Kaiser, Lukas Pusch, and Lisa Ruyter whose heart definitely belongs to painting and who bring the classical medium up to date in many-faceted ways. Another emphasis will be on gestural and expressive forms of articulation whose post-Actionist attitude becomes particularly manifest in Rudolf Polanszky’s, and Hubert Sielecki’s videos. Some participants such as Luisa Kasalicky and Katrin Plavcak use the exhibition hall as an extension of their studios by realizing their works or presenting them for the first time there. While Stephen Mathewson’s wall comic fathoms the possibilities of presentation in a museum space, Mahony’s travel experiences are an example of those works which draw on everyday subjects and popular culture and oscillate between \'high\' and \'low\' art. Maria Bussmann’s poetical drawings, Kathi Hofer’s installative reflections, and Lone Haugaard Madsen’s reduced spatial interventions offer subtle, conceptual, and sometimes anything but easy-to-grasp approaches. Artists such as Bernhard Cella and his library saloon with readings or Marianne Vlaschits with her performance extend the leeway of artistic practices.


© Lukas Pusch

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