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Malcolm Manning (GBR/FIN) - Contemporary Dance Training

07.01.2010 to 16.01.2010

Malcolm Manning (GBR/FIN) - Contemporary Dance Training


Malcolm Manning (GBR/FIN) - Zeitgenössisches Tanztraining Malcolm Manning (GBR/FIN) - Zeitgenössisches Tanztraining

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Malcolm Manning (GBR/FIN) - Contemporary Dance Training


Date: Jan, 07 to Jan 16, Mon through Sat 10.45 am-12.30 pm
Venue: TQW Studios


Awareness Perception Presence: Remembering the fish body and finding the four corners

I have spent the last five-years developing a body of work called Awareness Perception Presence in which I combine the Feldenkrais Method, Experiential Anatomy and other specially-devised material to enter into a physical dialogue with ourselves and our environment. Each class begins with a guided exploration/lecture/dialogue in which the specific theme of the class is introduced through movement and associated anatomical details. Next a Feldenkrais (ATM*) class which aims to clarify some aspects of the theme. The final part of the class is spent in self-directed exploration taking the references movements as a starting point.


Since we work alone in these classes, it is possible to open these to anyone who wishes to attend. The Feldenkrais Method classes presented are suitable for anyone and are done in a relaxed atmosphere while the additional material consists of simple activities like crawling, walking and standing. From 7 - 9 January we\'ll repeat some of the classes from the Fish-Body series that I\'ve taught at TQW before and 11-16 January I\'ll present some new classes that I\'m developing that explore the interrelationship of the shoulders and hips.


\"I am a somatic movement researcher, educator and performing artist. Movement is life and just about any situation can be analysed in terms of what moves, how, where, when and with what quality. I am fascinated by how people move and by how I move, both alone and in relation to others.

I have been based in Finland for the last eight years where I am currently a part-time senior lecturer in the dance department of the Theatre Academy of Finland (Finland\'s highest level dance education). I have helped to develop the one-year Dance And Somatics education in Joensuu where I teach around two months a year. I also tour Europe teaching at various venues and festivals.\" [Malcolm Manning (GB/FIN)]


*ATM - Awareness through Movement

© David Bergé



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