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29.09.2007 to 29.09.2007





sat, 29.09.2007
19.00 h - 22.00 h

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do it yourself – homebrew, modding, emulation, open source

Veranstaltungsreihe zur Theorie von Computerspielen 2007

Museumsquartier / quartier21 / QDK / electric avenue, 1070 Wien

Eintritt frei !

Jay Vaughan  (AUS/A)

a view of the frontier – the process as a game forever

The homebrew game world is dominated by hackers bending the rules of corporations. Without corporate rules coder groups and lone individuals produce lots of similar homebrew games, lots of adventurous or weird ones, lots of boring stuff too. Older hardware becomes easier to emulate in software. Thanks to the work of hackers in wild frontiers peeking through the dark, we can still run our old favourite games on newer systems. Here and now the hacker elite open even more new worlds by building their own portable gaming devices – open hardware - to compete with the majors.

Florian Hufsky

homebrew game development - tools, games, stars

Ohne Publisher und Studio entwickeln findige Hacker in ihrer Freizeit selbst Spiele.
Statt bombastischer Grafik zählt hier noch gameplay und Spielspass.
Kleine Produktionen schaffen immer häufiger den Sprung auf kommerzielle Platformen.
Wie sieht die Indie Szene aus ? Wie und auf welchen Konsolen kann man selbst entwickeln ? Und welche Spiele-Perlen gibt es jenseits (und demnächst auf) PSP, Xbox und Co ?

Jay Vaughan

how to “Do it Yourself” in 1 hour

A walk-through of the process of DIY development, from no-game to working-game, including a basic introduction to some of the tools, some simple solutions to the issues, and an adventurous stab at a public coding session.

·  cross-platform results : GP2X, NintendoDS
·  open source, 100% available to all
·  development environment – bootableCD – available at the end of the session

Jay Vaughan 
Programmer, Handheld and Portable Platforms
Professional systems developer for 20 years
Contributor, OPEN2X.ORG project

Florian Hufsky
studied informatics until 20
in vienna since 2007
founded the austrian pirate party
develops games (super mario war)
hosts a 2dgame developer community
is involved in numerous art projects (urban hacking, ...)

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