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New York Flag Profiles

31.07.2005 to 21.08.2005

New York Flag Profiles


New York Flag Profiles New York Flag Profiles

"The artist is never superior than his milieu or the society that affirms him.

For his little head doesn't produce the content of his creations, but processes - just as a sausage boiler processes meat- the worldview of his audience." (George Grosz, John Heartfield 1919)
In their works shown here Edgar Orlaineta (*1972, Mexico City) and Michalis Pichler (*1972, Berlin) take as starting material cultural manifestations from two societies, to whom one would hardly attest commonality today: Vienna Coffee-House-Furniture from the Brilliant epoche of AustroHungary on the one hand and contemporary Coffee Cups, Pizza Boxes and other commodities from the United States of America on the other hand.

For constructing mariposa Edgar Orlaineta took apart two Thonet-like rocket chairs.
Later he threw it into the East River, NY, and watched it disappear.

In the new york garbage flag profile (published 2005 by Revolver, Frankfurt) Michalis Pichler documented and collected discarded commodities, which carried depictions of the American Flag, from public space in NYC, and evaluated them with ethnographic and poetic criteria.

"I like America and America likes itself" is a living room with stars and stripes all over.

SUNDAY, 31.7.2005: OPENING Michalis Pichler/ Edgar Orlaineta "the lost e and the e to be lost"

SUNDAY, 31.7.2005: OPENING
Michalis Pichler/ Edgar Orlaineta
"the lost e and the e to be lost"
Start: 19h

* Michalis Pichler is reading from his new book:
"new york garbage flag profile"
(Revolver, Contemporary Art Publishing, 2005)
* afterwards: music from entertainment

Exhibition: 1. - 21. August

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