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maximilian wiedemann

17.04.2004 to 25.04.2004

maximilian wiedemann

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sound support by nitram tamtin and dr.rex audio


The following examples represent a range of paintings by Maximilian Wiedemann,

specialising in bespoke portraits and contemporary artwork based on spray paint

techniques on latex surfaces.

SMAXX ARTS focuses attention on people, personalities, popular culture of the 21st century,

Based on the idea of creating together it offers collectors ,art fans and companies the opportunity to order individually made artwork according to the person, image , size or preferred colours. A new idea in creating paintings individually for gifts, interior designs and advertising campaigns SMAXX ARTS has developed this idea to create a new access to personalised art.


All about Max:


Born in Frankfurt/Main, Germany on 03.05.1977.

The family moved to Dusseldorf when he was 5 years old. There he discovered his passion for using the spray can; a tool he describes as ³ made specially for me², was the power behind the production of his first artworks reflecting a strong creative force, which were to be seen decorating his urban environment! He polished his technique and experimented with other materials producing exciting results.


By way of family tradition he entered the world of advertising, training as an administrator for two and a half years at Publicis /BMZ!FCA. Within a short time Max had his own basement studio in the company garage and was producing art works to decorate corridors and conference rooms, also taking commissions for colleagues¹ birthdays and weddings. Here he developed the technique of prearranging details such as format, colours and subject so suit his clients.


The concept of art to suit the individual was well received by the advertising community and in 1999 Max organised a nation-wide poster campaign for a German travel company involving all the leading spray artists creating their original interpretation of holiday impressions as posters. It was featured in national newspapers and caused quite a stir.


After finishing his training Max founded SMAXX ARTS, an agency for free-lance artists in Germany supplying many corporate clients, doctors, interior designers and clubs with amazing creations from the spray can.


In 2000, on a free-lance basis working with his father at Adworks, Dusseldorf, he furthered his skills as an account executive, project manager and illustrator, managing to balance the two worlds of advertising and art. The combination of these two activities has led him to a greater understanding in fulfilling the various wishes of his clients.


An opportunity in Vienna helping to organise an art exhibition of ³Art from Central Europe² at Gallerie Hilger, brought him in March 2001 to the Austrian capital, which he spontaneously loved and where he decided to stay. Max worked at BBDO/Vienna and simultaneously built up his clientele for his bespoke art form, also organising art exhibitions in Vienna, Dusseldorf and Florence.


Max discovers many new techniques, which help him to define his strong, individual style of painting. His subjects include portraits of friends, idols of the screen and, of course, his clients, often showing influence from the far East.


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