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jay david bolter: augmented reality as a new media form

28.04.2004 to 28.04.2004

jay david bolter: augmented reality as a new media form


wed, 28.04.2004
19.30 h - 21.30 h

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jay bolter ist "professor of new media studies" am georgia institute of technology, atlanta, usa - er beschäftigt sich seit langem mit der bedeutung von neuen technologien der medienkultur (hypertext, remediation, augmented reality). bücher u.a.: windows and mirrors. interaction design, digital art, and the myth of transparency (mit diane gromala), mit press 2003 - remediation. understanding new media (mit richard grusin), mit press 2000 sein vortrag bei monochrom wird digitales design als wirklickeitsverstärker thematisieren. er mailte uns folgendes: "i will discuss issues of the materiality of new media with reference a specific new digital technology, augmented reality (ar), and its peculiar capacity to combine and situate virtual information in the physical world. ar experience design can be viewed as a remediation of film and stage drama. ar can also be contrasted with virtual reality, which seeks to create a seamless digital world that is separate from the physical world we inhabit. ar works with and through the constraints of our embodied existence in the world. (i might include some tentative suggestions on the issue of aura in this talk

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