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Tamara Bach

Tamara Bach

area: Literature

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March 2024 - April 2024

Tamara Bach (*1976) was born in the countryside and has lived in Berlin since 1997, where she studied English and German to become a teacher. She published her first two books while still a student; her debut, Marsmädchen, was awarded the Oldenburg Children's and Youth Book Prize as an unpublished manuscript and later the German Youth Literature Prize. Other books, prizes and awards followed. In 2019, she received the Grand Prize of the German Academy for Children's and Young People's Literature for her life's work and the James Krüss Prize in 2021.

Project info

During his residency at MQ, Tamara Bach is planning to work on three projects.
The youth book Frida ist Schuld sheds light on a case and its triggers. The safe in the headmaster's office of the grammar school has been broken into, containing the school-leaving exams. But was this really what the people involved were after or did they each have a different motive? The story is told by Paul, Gagarin and Frida, three perspectives that are not just different versions, but three independent truths.
The children's book Poolboy und Radieschen is about Jelena and Jakob, who are both outsiders in their class after just one month, and are then thrown together for a project and now have to see how they get on with each other.
And then Tamara Bach also writes an Advent book in 24 stories.

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