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Shenja Schittkowski

Shenja Schittkowski

area: Comic

Faulibärs Abenteuer, 12-22, 2022 © Shenja Schittkowski

Faulibärs Abenteuer, 2022 © Shenja Schittkowski

Kein Mitleid im Tal der Ahnungslosen, 2022 © Shenja Schittkowski

Worlds Worst Feminist, 2, 2023 © Shenja Schittkowski

Worlds Worst Feminist, 6, 2023 © Shenja Schittkowski

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February 2024 - February 2024

Shenja Schittkowski lives and works in Berlin. She completed her master's degree in illustration in the comics class at HAW Hamburg. Her comics mix essayistic, personal narratives and absurd observations of urban scenarios with influences from political and sociological theory.

Project info

Shenja Schittkowski was born at the end of the 1980s in Meißen, Saxony, as one of the last children of socialism. In the early 1990s, her parents were active in the punk-wave band "Kein Mitleid", which made them the target of right-wing hooligans who were prepared to use violence. The band was protected by left-wing Oi punks, above all by a 19-year-old apprentice locksmith who regularly turned up in her parents' rehearsal room and proudly reported on his fights. Although the artist's parents disapproved of violence, they were happy to have him at their side, even if he didn't always fight out of idealism, but also to escape the oppressive emptiness of the small-town post-reunification era.
In the booklet for the Kabinettpassage at the MQ, Schittkowski plans to produce the first part of a series on the subject of youth and protest. The story is a dialog between the first-person narrator and the now 50-year-old ex-punk. Together we take a look at the state of society in 2024, look back to 1991 and search for current protest possibilities.

On Tue 27.02.2024, 18.30h Shenja Schittkowski reads from her comic Faulibär gentrifies Vienna at MQ Raum D.

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