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Riddhi Jain

Riddhi Jain

area: Textile art, fashion design

© Dhruv Satija

© Studio Medium

© Studio Medium

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Textile art, fashion design



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September 2022 - September 2022

Textile artist and apparel designer Riddhi Jain Satija is an alumna of the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. She founded Studio Medium, an apparel and textile design studio based in New Delhi, in 2016. Riddhi Jain's works have been showcased nationally and internationally, the most recent one being at the World Shibori Symposium in Arimatsu, Japan.


Project info

At the Vienna Fashion Week this year, we propose to showcase a very important collection that concerns the times we live in. The collections Re and Borrow are a part of the sustainability initiative at my studio.

About the Collection
Our collections ; Re and ‘bor(r)o(w) preserves and repurposes the by-products of our textile processes to relook at what is considered as ‘waste’ and to create intriguing textile art and garments.
It is a collection that has been explored through necessity. The idea of extending the life of an object transcends cultures – patching, quilting, piecing and bringing together borrowed bits may have different names (Kantha in South Asia, Sashiko in Northern Japan) but the intent to preserve beauty remains timeless.
From dresses to outerwear, every garment has been crafted with borrowed stories that map the memory of unused fabric and discarded threads passed down from previous collections. This memory, so unique to each piece, would otherwise go undocumented. Just as our minds choose to remember narratives and recreate the boundaries of reality, every garment borrows from earlier pieces and collections but now has its own imprints and a special tale to tell.

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