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Razahk Issaka

Razahk Issaka

area: Animation Art

Dog Dailies, 2023 © Razahk Issaka

Dog Dailies, 2023, Copyright ©2023 Razahk Issaka

Belle, 2023 © Razahk Issaka

Slick Rick, 2023 © Razahk Issaka

Feline, 2023 © Razahk Issaka

Jambo, 2023 © Razahk Issaka

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Animation Art



recommending institution

this human world

time period

December 2023 - December 2023

Navigating the vibrant realm of animated storytelling, Razahk stands as a multifaceted talent specializing in Writing & Directing for animated films and series and has gained prestigious awards including the ANNIE award for best student film of 2023. With a keen artistic vision, he excels in art direction, capturing visual nuances that deeply resonate with audiences. Beyond visuals, his prowess in music scoring and production infuses projects with auditory brilliance. His meticulous approach to world-building ensures immersive and cohesive narratives. Additionally, reflecting a commitment to nurturing upcoming talent, Razahk offers tutoring in 3D animation in Gobelins - Paris, shaping the future voices of the industry, through detailed curriculum building and coordinating programs that suit specific groups of artists at various skill levels.

Project info

Zobe is an entrancing fantasy-adventure story pivoting around Mojemo, a resilient 20-year-old woman silently battling a strange paralytic condition. Undeterred by her condition, she embarks on a quest to seek out a mythical sand healer in hopes of finding a cure. On this journey, Mojemo unravels deeply buried secrets about herself and her world, simultaneously forging much-needed alliances but also making merciless enemies.
Her journey leads her to the bustling City of Fitila, where she encounters an intriguing ensemble: Lilududu, a resourceful 10-year-old street boy. Awaye, the overthrown Queen Mother of the fallen Fitilan Empire, who hides with her grandson, Tashi, the prince of Fitila. Their destinies intertwine when they discover the ZOBE rings implanted along Mojemo’s spine, bestowing upon her immense strength and powers. Consequently, she becomes entangled in an intense struggle for control over the rings, valiantly standing against the oppressive reign of the oppressor, Amaru.
As they grapple with their individual challenges, their stories seamlessly intersect with the broader narrative arc. Zobe is a whimsical realm, aesthetically steeped in African cultural nuances and landscapes, that delves into exploring the universal dynamics of power and suffering, trust and betrayal, heritage, and personal evolution. It fearlessly introduces a unique world where the protagonists navigate relentlessly in pursuit of healing, redemption, and autonomy over their fates.

This is a story about a girl struggling with epilepsy in a harsh and mystical world and i want to share this personal story with the world.



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