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Neli Mitewa

Neli Mitewa

area: Fashion

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September 2021 - September 2021


fashion design: Neli Mitewa
jewellery: Velislava Bozhinova
photographer: Minko Minev
model: Kristina Veroslavova
hair: Stanimir Barutchiev-Miro
makeup: Arina Miteva
styling: Alexander Gerginov

Neli Mitewa graduated as a fashion designer from the University of Art and Design in Trier. She creates her own collections under the label "nelmit" on the basis of a constantly developing own drapage technique and experimental construction systems. She is also active as a freelance designer as well as in teaching, with experience as a fashion design professor at the AMD Akademie Mode & Design Munich, consulting on designer concepts, fashion journalism and costume design. Among the awards she has received as a designer are the Design Innovation Award of the North Rhine-Westphalia Ministry of Industry and Transport, her qualifications to the finals of the Smirnoff Fashion Awards, the GRAND PRIX INTERNATIONAL FASHION DESIGN BERLIN 2003, etc.  In 2007 and 2009 the fashion magazine "GRAZIA" nominates her "Woman of the Year" in the category of fashion design. In 2007 Neli Mitewa founded "IVAN ASEN 22", a conceptual platform for the presentation of young progressive fashion designers in Sofia, Bulgaria, and in 2009 the IVAN ASEN 22 Foundation for the presentation and support of contemporary designers and is its artistic director and curator.

Her interest in the transformability of form in design, one of the basic principles of minimalism, in telling personal stories through clothing, as well as in bringing together diverse cultures (themes she has addressed in some of her conceptual collections), is also expressed in the exhibition projects of conceptual designer fashion developed together with artists and designers since 2015.

Neli Miteva is a laureate of the "BIG SEE INSPIRATIONAL-VISIONARY AWARD 2018", donated by Zavod BIG, Centre for creative economy of Southeast Europe in Ljubljana, Slovenia, for her achievements in the development of the Southeast European design scene. In 2020, her design platform IVAN ASEN 22 will be awarded the "FASHION COLLABORATION AWARD 2020" by Zavod BIG for the interdisciplinary collaboration of Japanese and Bulgarian artists and designers on the conceptual fashion design project "+7 HOURS".

Photo: Galia Yotova

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