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Jason Scott

Jason Scott

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New York

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December 2022 - December 2022

Jason Scott is a lifelong archivist of things digital, personal and societal, working both as a childhood and amateur acquirer of the digital realms. In a professional capacity he has been a documentary filmmaker, archive website maintainer, and activist archivist, co-founding a radicalized preservation group for dying websites. He is the founder of TEXTFILES.COM, a quarter-century-old online gathering place of the golden era of the Dial-Up Bulletin Board System, which has expanded over the years into many other areas related to them. His documentaries include BBS: THE DOCUMENTARY, GET LAMP and DEFCON. Since 2011, he has been the "Free Range Archivist" of the Internet Archive ( where he helps process the thousands of daily uploads to the site, as well as outreach and advocacy of the Internet Archvie's goals of Universal Access to All Knowledge. 

Project info

Co-Hort of MONOCHROM in presentations, outreach, appearances
Livestream at MONOCHROM offices of Q&A and daily archiving
Chronicler of the experience

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