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James Mathews-Hiskett

James Mathews-Hiskett

area: Curator, Visual Art

James Mathews-Hiskett

James Mathews-Hiskett

Key Facts


Great Britain


Curator, Visual Art



recommending institution

Manchester School of Art

time period

July 2021 - July 2021

After having initially studied Fine Art, JAMES MATHEWS-HISKETT is currently studying for a masters in Contemporary Curating at Manchester School of Art. Alongside this, he is an associate curator at Pavement Gallery (Manchester) and Finance Coordinator at Castlefield Gallery (Manchester). He is also a freelance writer covering exhibitions in the North West of England. Recent projects include Extension at New Art Spaces: Wigan (Castlefield Gallery, 2021) and KERRY TRIBE: SKY (Pavement Gallery, 2021). He has a particular interest in the potential for political agency within curatorial practice and the role cultural organisations have in contributing to wider social discourse.


Project info

As someone who identifies as European, yet finds themselves recently on the outside of this union, I want to explore what this change of perspective might mean personally, societally and culturally. Individual circumstance will be situated within a wider context of rapidly shifting political environments across Europe for those within and without. The implications these shifts may have on the possibility for creative collaboration, support and dissemination and the question of a Europe that either looks inwardly or outwardly will be key starting points for research. These ideas will be explored primarily through conversation and writing.


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