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Genc Kadriu

Genc Kadriu

area: Applied Art, Theory and Research

By Any Other Name, 2021, Photo by Genti Korini © Genc Kadriu

Nymfer, 2022 © Genc Kadriu

Rigor Mortis Splendor, 2022 © Genc Kadriu

Sins of My Father, 2022 © Genc Kadriu

The Sail of Permanent Escape, 2022, Photo by Genti Korini © Genc Kadriu

When the Eyelids Have Finished and the Hills Continue, 2015, Photo by Jetmir Idrizi © Genc Kadriu

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Applied Art, Theory and Research



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time period

January 2024 - February 2024

Genc Kadriu is a contemporary artist who currently lives and works between Prishtina and Tirana. Kadriu's art is characterized by the collision of personal interior space with social reality. Using tangible and symbolic aspects of material culture, collective heritage, natural history, literature, spirituality and memorabilia, Kadriu's works are created through a kind of poetic-museological arrangement of performed objects in the form of sculptural bundles and spatial installations. Through interdisciplinary research and applied experimentation, Kadriu's practice follows a dialectic of opposites, interdependence and a logic of interaction between chance and intentionality.

Genc Kadriu © Viola Selenica

Project info

On Wednesday 24.01.2024, 18h Genc Kadriu opens his exhibition I scare them martyred between cloud and soil  at the MQ Pop-Up Schauraum, which deals with the cultural and spiritual significance of the mask. As potentially the first human work of art, it embodies uniqueness and spirituality with its materials and background stories. It acts as a magical mediator between cultures, including the one in the MQ Pop-Up Showroom: through its materials it refers to the history of Kosovo, through the hay of the wild plant meadow, Versuchsfeld1 and seeds collected by Anita Fuchs from various border regions, it connects and weaves a web of relationships.

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