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Frank Weeneggsinn Kaewphongsri

Frank Weeneggsinn Kaewphongsri

area: Fashion

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September 2023 - September 2023

Frank Weeneggsinn Kaewphongsri is the founder of the brand  ISSI by Frank Weeneggsinn and RIVA by Frank Weeneggsinn under The Best Creation Company Limited, which was established 18 years ago as the brand ISSI. 2012 the brand RIVA was born. It means river from traveling along the river, where the designer found many local wisdoms. One of which is the technique of catching fabric smocking by hand of making pumpkin pillows that are used at weddings or as decorations on the backs of taxis in Bangkok. In Europe, smocking cloth by hand began in the 18th century when it came to Siam is unknown for sure, but the technique can be seen to this day. It is said that it is the passion that has caused this craftsmanship to come up for the reason that you can create a career, just having a hand, needle and thread. Frank Weeneggsinn has developed this technique further to become ready to wear.

Project info

During his residency at MQ Frank Weeneggsinn will participate and show his collections in the MQ Vienna Fashion Week, organiize fashion shows and hold fashion talks.

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