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Felix Bork

Felix Bork

area: Illustration, Comic

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Illustration, Comic



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July 2022 - July 2022

Born in Berlin in 1988
Illustrator and author. Lives and works in Berlin.
2008 – 2012 Bachelor studies communication design, HTW Berlin under Franz Zauleck.
2009 – 2014 – member of the UrbanArt collective ''Küsst Euch Mal''
2012 – Exhibition ''Rotkäppchen kommt aus Berlin'', Berlin State Library, with the book ''Frau Holle''
2013 – 2016 Master study Editorial Design, Burg Giebichenstein Halle, under Prof. Georg Barber/Atak
2013 – today – co-founder art studio ''Studio Coolio'', Berlin
2016 – GiebichenStein DesignPrize for ''Oh, ein Tier!" in the category Best Idea/Best Concept.
2016 – Exhibition GiebichenStein DesignPrize, Art Foundation of the State of Saxony-Anhalt, Halle/Saale
2016 – Group exhibition ''Schöne neue Welt'', Fumetto, Lucerne/Switzerland
2017 – Publication ''Oh, ein Tier!'', Eichborn Verlag
2017 – Exhibition ''Oh, ein Tier!'', bookstore Ocelot, Berlin
2017 – Awarded ''Germany's most beautiful books'' by the Stiftung Buchkunst for ''Oh, ein Tier!''
2018 – today – member of Mastul e.V. – graphic and artistic direction
2018 – Publication ''Und was isst du dann?", Eichborn publishing house
2018 – Shortlisted ''Germany's most beautiful books'' by Stiftung Buchkunst for ''Und was isst du dann?''
2018 – Interdisciplinary comic reading ''Die Show, wie es sie sonst nur in Vegas gibt Show #1'', Mastul, Berlin
2018 – Exhibition ''Oh, ein Tier! Maskenball'', Totem, Berlin
2019 – Publication ''Oh, eine Pflanze!'', Eichborn publishing house
2019 – Exhibition ''Oh, eine Pflanze!'', Ocelot bookstore, Berlin
2019 – Awarded ''Germany's most beautiful books'' by Stiftung Buchkunst for ''Oh, eine Pflanze!''
2019 – Interdisciplinary comic reading ''Die Show, wie es sie sonst nur in Vegas gibt Show #2'', Acud, Berlin
2020 – Publication ''Frohes Schaffen!'', Büchergilde Gutenberg
2020 – Shortlist ''Germany's most beautiful books'' by Stiftung Buchkunst for ''Frohes Schaffen!
2021 – Publication ''Aus den Ärschen aus dem Sinn'', Maro publishing house
2021 – Working scholarship ''Mit neuen Augen'', Lippstadt
2021 – working scholarship / workshop leadership Goethe-Institut, Bogota, Medellin, Colombia
2021 – Exhibition ''Jumping The Wall'', Bogota, Colombia
2021 – Publication ''Nicht verwechseln!'', Eichborn publishing house

  1. Together with eSeL, in addition to social media content (eSeL Schwarm), a joint publication is to be developed as a low-cost "Crashkurs in Sachen Kunst" and distributed as a zine. An outside perspective from Berlin and a generational change.

  2. "Oh, ein Wien!" – Development of a publication of my impressions of the city of Vienna based on determination methods of classical nature books and my subjective interpretation of them.

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