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Engji Jaha

Engji Jaha

area: Visual Arts, Painting

Cesk Zadeja, oil on canvas © Engji Jaha

Comfort Zone, oil on canvas © Engji Jaha

Gjon Mili, oil on canvas © Engji Jaha

Motra Tone, oil on canvas © Engji Jaha

Selfportrait, oil on canvas © Engji Jaha

Two Engjis, oil on canvas © Engji Jaha

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Visual Arts, Painting



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time period

November 2023 - December 2023

Engji Jaha (b. 1998 in Pristina) studied Fine Arts and completed postgraduate studies at the Department of Painting, Faculty of Arts, University of Pristina, graduating with a Master of Arts degree.
In her career of several years, she has actively participated in numerous art projects and collective exhibitions, representing her country in Italy, Switzerland and Albania.
In 2020, she presented her first solo exhibition in Prishtina, titled Selfie Mundi, in which she showed self-portraits. Three years later, in 2023, the artist presented her second solo exhibition in Prishtina. In 2018, she obtained the certificate of the European Academy of Culture Venice, after completing a course "Design: The World Around Us".

Since 2016, she has been working as an art teacher at the "Faton Kryeziu Course", a private art school in Prishtina. In this role, Jaha has been able to nurture and inspire the artistic talents of the students. During her studies, she volunteered as an art teacher at SOS Children's Village, where she had the opportunity to share her passion for art with young and aspiring people. She also worked as an illustrator at Zero Positive Publicis, one of the most prestigious companies in Kosovo. She is constantly searching for new horizons in the art world and is committed to creating thought-provoking works that contribute to the vibrant artist:ing community within and beyond the borders of her country.

Project info

Engji Jaha, together with Kaltrina Berisha, is a scholarship holder of the Capacity Building Program for Cultural Managers from Kosovo, initiated by BMKOES.
The Cultural Work Trainee Program Kosovo-Austria 2023 was initiated and financed by the Austrian Ministry of Culture BMKOES. Since July, 6 cultural workers will have the opportunity to work in 6 selected institutions/projects for the year 2023.

Engji Jaha was selected for a two-month internship at Arthotek.
During her residency at MQ she will work on a project that aims to create a platform for dialogue and artistic collaboration between Austrian and Kosovar artists.

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