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Dominik Dombrowski

Dominik Dombrowski

area: Literature

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January 2023 - February 2023

Dominik Dombrowski was born in Waco / Texas / USA and spent his childhood in Biarritz, Southern France. After several changes of place and school - Leipheim near Ulm, Poggenhagen, Steinhude am Meer, Speyer am Rhein, Wachtberg, Bonn and Munich - he studied Philosophy, Comparative Literature, Religious Studies, Ancient and Modern Literature at the Friedrich Wilhelm University in Bonn.
He is currently a freelance author and editor, interrupted by occasional jobs such as night shift manager for a travel logistics company, waiter on Koh Phagnan/Thailand, harvest helper at the Ahr grape harvest, extra for Peter Greenaway, florist in a bargain market.
Numerous publications in magazines and anthologies. Since 2013 Dominik Dombrowski published the poetry volumes "Finissage", "Fremdbestäubung" and "Fermaten", as well as the short story "Künstliche Tölpel". He has been awarded various prizes and scholarships, most recently the Villa Rosenthal literary scholarship in Jena.
He also translates poetry from the American and is active as a reviewer.
Recent individual titles: "Schwanen," poems (Edition Azur at Verlag Voland & Quist, Dresden and Berlin 2022), "Ich sage mir nichts," poems (Edition Azur, Dresden 2019), "Künstliche Tölpel," narrative (parasitenpresse, Cologne 2019, "Fermaten," poems (Edition Azur, Dresden 2016), "Fremdbestäubung," poems (parasitenpresse, Die nummernlosen Bücher, Cologne 2014) "Finissage," poems (parasitenpresse, Lyrikreihe Band 28, Cologne 2013).

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Project info

Continuation or realization of some poetic projects: Translation work on the poetry volume "Fires" by the American poet Raymond Carver; a volume of stories (working title: "Die Archivare der Unfallkreuze"); a play (working title: "Gnadenhof"); work on an essay (- on a subjective theory of poetry with regard to the creation of the poetry volume "Schwanen") and, last but not least, new poems for the next poetry volume. In addition, there may be the opportunity to introduce the current, newly published poetry volume "Schwanen" through some readings in Vienna.

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