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Dion Zeqiri

Dion Zeqiri

area: Applied Art, Theory and Research

Rumination, 2018 © Dion Zeqiri

Inside of me © Dion Zeqiri

Save Me From What I am © Dion Zeqiri

Impossible Desire © Dion Zeqiri

Always There © Dion Zeqiri

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Applied Art, Theory and Research



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time period

January 2024 - February 2024

Dion Zeqiri was born in Pristine, Republic of Kosovo in 1996. From 2015 to 2018 he studied Interior Design at the University of Arts-Pristine. He worked as Graphic Designer from the age 18 as a compiler of creative projects.
Zeqiri started to paint at primary school in different styles. After college, he developed his interest in different mediums, such as: installations, sculpture, video recording and found objects (ready made) as a form of communication. His practices are based on emergency effects in relation to human body and metaphysics. Developing this practice he emerges subjective aspects with objects that he found.

Zeqiris artistic practices are rooted in exploring the intersection of the tangible and intangible, with a focus on the immediate impact of un-seen world on the human body and metaphysical aspects. In the process, he incorporates subjective elements by incorporating found objects. The relationship between objects and memory plays a significant role at his work, guiding the development of his art across various media.

Project info

During his residency at MQ, Zeqiri continues researching on the project he started two years ago.
He wants to delve into the fascinating world of microorganisms and their presence in the foods we consume daily. He is excited about the prospect of immersing himself in a community of creatives and researchers and fostering an atmosphere of interdisciplinary collaborations. Zenqiris primary aim during the residency is to unravel the hidden dimensions of the microword within our meals. He intends to explore the symbiotic interactions, potential health implications, and artistic representations of these often overlooked organisms. By harnessing the artistic potential of his findings, he aspires to cultivate a novel approach to understanding and appreciating our daily nourishment. He wants to establish new connections within the realm of curation and gallery management. Furthermore, the artist hopes to foster collaborations with microbiology departments, engaging with doctors of microbiology who can lend their expertise to enhance the scientific way of his work.

As a result of this residency, Zeqiri anticipate laying the foundation for a transformative research endeavor. He aspires to develop cultivation techniques for microorganisms and contribute to the creation of a new artistic dialogue surrounding their role in our lives. His time in the studio will be dedicated to the creation of visually stunning and intellectually stimulating pieces that communicate the intricate interplay between science, art, and the culinary (consuming) experience. In essence, this residency in Vienna represents an unparalleled opportunity for the artist to push the boundaries of his artistic and scientific exploration. By synthesizing his passion for microorganisms, food, and art, he aims to initiate a dialogue that tries to comunicate in multidiciplinary ways.

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