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Dafna Tal

Dafna Tal

area: Video art, Photography, Installation & Sculpture

Installation view of the video "You’re Gorgeous, You’re Mad", Art Cube Artists' Studios, Jerusalem, 2023 © Dafna Tal

Installation view of the works "Sphere" and "The Invisible Whole", Art Cube Artists' Studios, Jerusalem, 2023 © Dafna Tal

Still from the video "Anchor Point", 2022 © Dafna Tal

The installation "Perception" (video projection on three metal forms), 2023 © Dafna Tal

Untitled (from the series "Sphere"), 2023 © Dafna Tal

Key Facts




Video art, Photography, Installation & Sculpture

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time period

October 2023 - November 2023

Dafna Tal’s artistic inspiration is deeply rooted in her enduring curiosity towards the complexities of human consciousness. She is intrigued by the intricate processes that shape our thoughts, emotions, and perceptions, ultimately guiding human behavior and molding individual and collective destinies.

Through the act of artistic creation, Tal translates these intangible inner realms into tangible forms of expression, expressing patterns of thoughts and feelings through physical movements, geometric shapes, or a journey within the landscape. Her creative process includes diverse methodologies, encompassing in-situ experiments, participatory art, documentation, and staged processes. She creates her work using the practices of photography, video, installation, and sculpture to craft her narratives, often collaborating with diverse communities and environments. Each project serves as a unique opportunity to delve into new themes, modes of expression, and depths of experience.

Tal began her artistic career by studying theatre and sculpture. Later, she pursued photography at the International Center of Photography in New York (ICP), and continued her studies in the European Diploma for Cultural Project Management program, where she received a European Diploma from the Association Marcel Hicter, Belgium.

Tal’s works have been exhibited internationally including at the Visa Pour L’image in France , Casula Powerhouse Arts Center in Australia, Lagos Photo in Nigeria, the Museum On The Seam and the Art Cube Artists’ Studios in Jerusalem.

Dafna Tal © Marcos Schönholz

Dafna Tal © Marcos Schönholz

Project info

During her residency at MQ, Tal plans to create a new work that incorporates a geometric sculptural object within the local landscape, inspired by her previous works called Sphere and Space. Additionally she would like to explore the possibility of integrating elements found in the local landscape into another sculptural element.
Also the artist intends to combine her projects with the creation of a new social experiment.



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