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Ulyana Nevzorova

Ulyana Nevzorova

area: Visual Art, Art-Activism

© Ulyana Nevzorova

© Ulyana Nevzorova

© Ulyana Nevzorova

The Ministry of Internal Affairs reminds

© Ulyana Nevzorova

Happening “This Poster Can Be a Reason of My Detained”

© Ulyana Nevzorova

Minsk, Belarus 2020

© Ulyana Nevzorova

Footage from a video about the protests in Belarus

© Ulyana Nevzorova

“Art in action“ project. Group exhibition, Ў Contemporary Art Gallery in Minsk, Belarus

© Ulyana Nevzorova

© Ulyana Nevzorova

Key Facts




Visual Art, Art-Activism



recommending institution Stiftung

time period

December 2020 - January 2021

I am a visual artist, born in 2001 in Belarus, live and work in Minsk, Belarus. 

I work with techniques such as illustration, graphics, street art, photo and video. II graduated from art school in 2018 and then European College of Liberal Arts in Belarus in 2019. 

In my recent works I try to reflect political processes in my country. I spent my whole life under a dictatorial regime. In this context, my civic position and artistic practice began to overlap. 

All my activities now are related to the topic of human rights.  

Unfortunately I am familiar with the practices of censorship and repression by the authorities. I often have to work anonymously.

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