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Marko Tirnanić

Marko Tirnanić

area: Visual Art

Key Facts




Visual Art


New York

recommending institution

frei_raum Q21 exhibition space

time period

April 2021 - April 2021

Marko Tirnanić (1985. Smederevo, Serbia) lives and works in New York, graduated the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, the same place he earned his master’s degree in painting. He actively exhibits his work in Serbia and abroad –Whitechapel Gallery; London,Istanbul Museum of Modern Art;Istanbul, Germany, Croatia, Austria, Holland. He was invited by KulturKontakt to participate in a residential program for artists, where he realized one collective and one solo exhibition. 

He has had noteworthy video works and installations in public space, in front of the Serbian parliament building, as well as in intimate spaces, for a smaller amount of visitors. In his work, Marko explores the relations of power, the individual and the state, the dominating and the dominated, monitored movement, control and freedom. He always seeks to include the audience in his work and develop a relationship between the observer and the piece.

For his work “Free Will” he won first place in the Unpleasant design competition in Hague, Holland.


2011 Faculty of Fine Arts, MA, Belgrade, department: Painting, graduated in the class of Professor Cedomir Vasic
2009 Faculty of Fine Arts, BA, Belgrade, department: Painting, graduated in the class of Professor Cedomir Vasic
2007 Higher School of Fine and Applied Arts, BA, Belgrade
2003 Secondary School for design in Belgrade, department: Packaging design


2020 Exhibition, Artists’ Film International,Marko Tirnanić and Atefa Hesari,Whitechapel Gallery, London
2019 Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, Artists’ Film International, Turkey
2019 Neuer Berliner Kunstverein "‘Technologies of Gender", Berlin,Germany
2019 KWM artcenter " Screening 4"Beijing, P. R. China
2019 Tromsø Kunstforening "Gender", Norway
2019 Exhibition "It’s ok, I know what I’m doing "curator Teodore Jeremić, gallery Reflector, Serbia
2018 Exhibition,TOO LITTLE TOO LATE, The WCSCD, Belgrade,Serbia
2016 Exhibition "nes(a)vrsene strukture", gallery SC Zagreb, Croatia
2015 Co-author Exhibition "ANALYSIS OF SPACE" -Marija Kauzlarić, Sonja Radaković and Marko Tirnanić, Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo
2015 Solo exhibition "Everything is under control", Art space U10, Belgrade
2015 Solo exhibition "Love is for the poor", gallery Poodroom Cultural Centre of Belgrade
2014 Exhibition "nes(a)vrsene strukture",curators Marta Kiš and Karla Pudar (gallery SC Zagreb) and Zorana Djakovic Minitti (Cultural Centre of Belgrade), gallery Poodroom, Belgrade
2014 Exhibition "Missing Amonut", curators Mia David and Zorana Djakovic Minitti, KCB in collaboration with Serbinale, Berlin
2014 Exhibition "ANALYSIS OF SPACE" -Marija Kauzlarić, Sonja Radaković and Marko Tirnanić,Gallery of Contemporary Art, Pančevo, Serbia
2014 Exhibition "Voyage to Europe- Peace,Peace, Peace", Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina
2014 Solo exhibition, "Delatnost", Gallery of Contemporary Art, Smederevo, Serbia
2014 Exhibition by Artists in Residence, Austrian Federal Chancellery, Vienna, Austria
2014 Solo exhibition "Perspective", AA Collections,Vienna, Austria
2014 Artists in Residence,Three month in Schloss Laudon by KulturKontakt Austria, BMUKK, Vienna, Austria
2013 Solo exhibition "In natural size", Groznjan, Croatia
2012 "Free will", 1st prize, Unpleasant Design Competition, Hague, Netherlands 
2012 “Ownership of fate” exhibition, Fontikus City gallery, Croatia
2012 “The Same Rain Same Wind” international exhibition, Gallery of Modern Art, Chiang Mai, Thailand 
2012 International workshop and exhibition, Museum of Modern Art, Krabi, Thailand
2011 “The critics have chosen” Vorena Najdiha, Fellow exhibitor, Belgrade Cultural Centre
2011 Curation project, Night of museums, Old town cultural centre “Parobrod”
2011 The New Young, group exhibition, Zvono Gallery, Belgrade
2010 The Border Zone, organisor and participant, FLU Gallery, Belgrade

Project info

In cooperation with AA Collections gallery, a series of performances and installations are planned, both in the gallery and in the public space. Ad-hoc interventions that question the positions of dominant systems in modern society, with great reference to the individual, his power in creating new forms of politics. I will deal with the individual as the most important factor of any political being and the pressure, repressive mechanisms and torture one may be exposed to. I will also tackle the theme of dominant structures in the struggle to nullify the individual or collective. The control and mechanisms applied to keep large systems afloat will be one part of my research. Interventions and performance are conceived as an instantaneous reflection of the contemporary moment, through the idea of ​​an audience participating in a new way in accordance with the newly created situation.

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