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Kristina Hinrichsen | Kollektiv Raumstation

Kristina Hinrichsen | Kollektiv Raumstation

area: Sound Art

Key Facts


Germany, Switzerland


Sound Art



recommending institution

TONSPUR Kunstverein Wien

time period

February 2021 - February 2021

Kristina Hinrichsen is an art historian, anthropologist, author and activist who has been part of Kollektiv Raumstation since 2020.

Founded in Weimar in 2013, the Raumstation is an interdisciplinary platform active in Weimar, Berlin, Vienna and Zurich for creative and committed minds who want to actively shape the city. It is an impetus to mediate and animate urban space and to make it a place of exchange and shared experiences: We do  not want to wait for the city to change on its own – we want to do it ourselves. Kollektiv Raumstation works with experimental space exploration methods, artistic-activist   interventions and activating processes. We focus on the role of the residents – as experts in everyday life, as addressees and starting point for change, as makers. In short: as  the  ones who matter in the end.


Project info

TONSPUR_interruption: KOLLEKTIV RAUMSTATION, Weimar/Berlin/Wien
Production: Zu Ihrer eigenen Sicherheit / For Your Own Safety (Extended version)
8-channel sound work, 7-part series of images
Location: TONSPUR_passage / Q21/MQ Wien

Curator: Georg Weckwerth (TONSPUR Kunstverein Wien)
TONSPUR für einen öffentlichen raum 2021

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