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Vera van de Seyp

Vera van de Seyp

area: Design, Digital Art

Gan Album Art (2019), self-initiated project ©Vera van de Seyp

Generative Tools (2020), self-initiated project ©Vera van de Seyp

Fault Lines (2019), element of visual identity ©Vera van de Seyp

Key Facts




Design, Digital Art



recommending institution

frei_raum Q21 exhibition space

time period

October 2020 - October 2020

Vera van de Seyp is a graphic designer, creative coder and media artist. She has great interest in artificial intelligence, languages and finding systems in chaos. She works in Amsterdam as designer and artist, teaches at ArtEZ, and gives workshops and lectures across Europe.

Project info

I have been invited by Bogomir Doringer to develop the graphic language and the online platform for an initiative that documents various free spaces during my stay at Q21. The initiative collects and connects locations worldwide, such as spaces that host the empowerment of social groups, or meeting places that have been created in times of urgency.

The creation of the above mentioned graphic language is based on a collection of self-made generative design tools, which will be expanded further during this month.

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