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Oleksii Chupa

Oleksii Chupa

area: Literature

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March 2020 - March 2020

Author of poetry books «Ukrainian-Russian Dictionary» (2010), «69» (2011), «Koma» (2014), and also novels «Ten Words About the Motherland» (2014), «The Homeless of Donbass» (2014), «Tales of My Bombshelter» (2014), "Aquarium" (2015), «Vyshnia and Me»(2016).

«Ten Words About the Motherland» published in Poland in 2017.

«Tales of my Bombshelter» published in Austria in 2019.

Project info

I’m going to write a novel about modern Ukrainian society. That astonished me from the first year of Russian aggression, how our people manage not to notice a few millions of refugees from Donbas region and to think that this war is nothing but a TV-show.

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