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Iver Ohm

Iver Ohm

area: Theory

Key Facts







recommending institution

frei_raum Q21 exhibition space

time period

July 2020 - July 2020

Iver is a researcher, project manager and lecturer living Berlin. His research interests are on various intersections between art, cultural production, urbanism and social transformation. Since 2009 he worked as a lecturer within the field of art education, art mediation and cultural studies in Vienna, Bremen, Bern and Lucerne. Since 2015 he is part of the “Hidden Institute”, an independent institute for action research on future viability located in Berlin, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Vienna and Zurich. In Berlin he is also part of various cultural and urban initiatives, working on topics of commodification, community organising and free spaces in the city.

Project info

Contribution to the „Space of urgency“-Exhibition in September 2020

‘Space of Urgency' is an international research platform whose goal is to ignite political dialogue, knowledge exchange and the realization of spaces of urgency in Vienna, Amsterdam, Berlin and beyond. The project is hosted by the department Social Design - Arts as Urban Innovation, University of Applied Arts Vienna.

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