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Aquiles Hadjis

Aquiles Hadjis

area: Sound Art, Performance

© Aquiles Hadjis

© Aquiles Hadjis

© Aquiles Hadjis

© Aquiles Hadjis

© Aquiles Hadjis

© Aquiles Hadjis

© Aquiles Hadjis

© Aquiles Hadjis

© Aquiles Hadjis

© Aquiles Hadjis

Key Facts


Greece, Venezuela


Sound Art, Performance



recommending institution

TONSPUR Kunstverein Wien

time period

January 2020 - January 2020


Tokyo University of the Arts’ Fine Arts Phd program (2014-2017)
MFA in Painting, Tokyo University of the Arts (2012-2014)
Licenciatura degree in Graphic Design, Universidad del Zulia, Venezuela (1999-2005)
Photography and Audiovisual Production Course, Escuela Julio Vengoechea (1998-2001)


“Art as a Frame for dialogues with the unknown”
Advised by Professors Hirotoshi Sakaguchi & Kazue Kobata (Tokyo University of the Arts)


Born in Venezuela and based in Tokyo for the past decade, Aquiles Hadjis combines strategies from visual arts and improvisation to drive his performances, installations, and instrument building.

Linking the idea of prototypes to sketching, he thinks of both as thought that has solidified only slightly, enough to do things it cannot do inside the mind, but still malleable enough to exist as a frame for conversations that invite the unknown. In consequence, many of his works give voice to malfunctioning and unpredictable systems whose conversations he propitiates and moderates. Once materialized they can be encountered simultaneously as sound installations, stages, and musical instruments.

In his live performances, where he often collaborates with musicians from other styles, he surrounds himself with a constellation of sculptural instruments which create raw, warm soundscapes as they tangle around each other.

He has performed and shown his work in the US, Japan, Germany, Venezuela, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong among other places.


Experimental music, instrument making, sound installation, noise playgrounds, drawing, glitch art, interactive stages, free improvisation, musicology, anthropology, psychology.

Project info

Develop studies, prototypes and sketches for new performances, instruments and musical sculptures. Foster collaborations with other residents and Viennese artists.

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